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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Проект Red Bull Stratos как пример эффективной рекламной кампании

№ 1 January 2015 | Category: Economics

Уникальность как характеристика проекта

№ 2 February 2015 | Category: Economics

Управление развитием персонала организации в условиях социально-экономических изменений

№ 9 September 2016 | Category: Economics

Сущность и задачи кадровой политики и кадровой стратегии предприятия

№ 12 December 2016 | Category: Economics

Конфликтность: особенности оказания помощи сотрудникам коллектива

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: Psychology

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Zaitseva I.V., Kameneva V.V. In regard to staffing solutions in hospitality industry

September, 2014

Bankrashkova A.N. Environment of the project and its participants

February, 2015

Efimov O.N., Medvedevа A.S. Features of self-realization and some approaches to human-employee motivation in modern business

February, 2015

Titova E.V. Мechanisms of building an effective structural model of the labor collective in terms of self-government

May, 2015

Gorbunova E.E., Minkin A.V. Certification as factor of increase of efficiency of the organization

September, 2015

Kasatkina O.V., Lymareva O.A. Features of staff recruitment with use of the automated personnel systems

March, 2016

Mirsalihov K.M. Model of human resource management in the production of electric power companies

March, 2016

Trokhina M.M. Practical aspects of formation of organizational culture of the industrial enterprise

April, 2016

Nikushina A.N., Sarafanov A.D., Anastasova A.S., Pavlova A.S. The system of grades as part of a motivational system of organization

November, 2016

Golovkin I.V. Enterprise manpower resources management in a highly competitive conditions

November, 2016

Batasheva E.A., Batasheva M.A. Accounting settlements personell on wages

November, 2016

Kudryavtseva D.A. Labor behavior management as a factor of increasing the sustainability of the company

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Dotsenko N.V., Chumachenko I.V., Sabadosh L.U., Didyk N.A. Method of personnel selection for multidesign commands

April, 2013

Izosimova I.Y., Rabtsevich A.A. History of research in the field of development workers and staff

January, 2015

Zherbanova K.V. Human resource management in catering business

June, 2015

Tselyutina T.V., Kovalenko N.V. Strategic mechanisms of material stimulation of personnel of municipal preschool educational establishments in the conditions of overcoming of consequences of crisis

November, 2015

Ryazantseva M.V. Why is a strategy of HR-branding non-popular in Russia

January, 2016

Kuramshina M.А. Analysis of modern methods of personnel management in restaurant business

April, 2016

Sirina N.F., Bushueva T.I. System archetypes in railway transport management

May, 2016

Nikishina A.L. Research of modern technologies of staff recruitment

July, 2016

Babintseva E.I., Ivashchenko M.A. Innovative strategies in personnel management

December, 2016

Iskhakova E.G. Working with teaching staff is an important component of the control system, SPO

April, 2017

Labour as an element of improving quality of the product

May, 2017

Glushchenko V.V. Information technologies for analyzing employee loyalty in organizations

April, 2021