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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Развитие государственной молодежной политики в сфере занятости в России

№ 5 May 2013 | Category: Economics

Содействие самореализации как приоритетное направление работы с молодежью

№ 12 December 2014 | Category: Sociology

Употребление нецензурной лексики как проблема современного общества

№ 1 January 2016 | Category: Philology

Молодежный ресурс в развитии сельских территорий: основные тенденции и перспективы государственного влияния

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: Political science

Человеческий капитал молодежи в поддержке имиджа территории

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: Sociology

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Eshchenko Y.G. The basic directions of state policy in relation to the higher education towards the end of 1970th – at the beginning of 1990th

July, 2011

Особенности молодежной политики в России и зарубежных странах

March, 2012

Fadeeva G.D., Garkin I.N. Role of public organizations in addressing social problems

May, 2014

Danilina M.V., Bagratuni K.Y., Litvinov A.N. Council of Europe: participation in youth policy

April, 2016

Rybakova A.A., Lyaskovskaya E.A. Problems employment of young specialists in Russia

May, 2016

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Sirachev A.R. Implementation of youth policy in the Ulyanovsk region. Problems and solutions

February, 2013

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Zvereva A.S. Comparative characteristic of youth policy in Russia and Great Britain

November, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Balabanova A., Keschyan N. Directions of increase of efficiency of application of modern information technologies in the activities of municipal institutions of secondary education on an example of school

October, 2016

Articles in journal «Student scientific researches »

Mezentseva A.A. Features of youth policy in Russia and European countries (for example Germany)

November, 2014

Ignatchenko V.V. Comparative characteristics of youth policy of the United States and Russia

November, 2014