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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Дети «группы риска» современной школы. Какие они? Обратная сторона медали

№ 4 April 2013 | Category: Pedagogics, Psychology

Современный социальный конфликт как угроза национальной безопасности

№ 1 January 2014 | Category: Political science

Гендерный аспект конфликтности персонала в коллективе

№ 1 January 2015 | Category: Economics

Восточные мотивы в поэтической новеллистике Пауля Хейзе

№ 12 December 2015 | Category: Literature

Объективные и субъективные конфликты в организациях

№ 12 December 2015 | Category: Sociology

Условия возникновения и характер протекания семейных конфликтов

№ 11 November 2016 | Category: Sociology

Причины и особенности межличностных конфликтов в студенческой среде

№ 1 January 2017 | Category: Pedagogics

Конфликтность: особенности оказания помощи сотрудникам коллектива

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: Psychology

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Shcherbakov I.D. Conflicts in the workplace, causes of conflict and conflict resolution

March, 2014

Remezov V.G. Methods of the decision of conflicts in the organizations and their influence on efficiency of work

November, 2015

Khaimurzina N.Z., Dubovitskaya D.D., Trond E.V. Risks related to the dismissal of professional staff member

March, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Pyatkin S.N. On a motif in “Little Tragedies” Pushkin’s

May, 2014

Drebezova Y.N. Methods of management of the personnel and decisions of conflicts

February, 2015

Mitiсheva T.I., Kuzma T.I. Modern conflicts as threat to a psychological state of people

February, 2016

Konoreva K.V. Modern understanding of the family and causes family conflicts

June, 2016

Zagorskiy V.A. Kinds of dental patients’ conflict behavior and the prevention of their occurrence and relief

September, 2016

Sarkisov V.G. A case of bifurcation in the coalition system

November, 2016

Zorina E.A., Ageeva L.G. The influence of the type of accentuated character to the style of behavior in conflict situations of students-psychologists

December, 2016

Shcheulova E.A., Nikolaeva A.E. Particularly aggressive behavior of adolescents in contemporary society

January, 2017

Rossova Y.I. Interaction with a teenager in the family

February, 2017

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Левчук Д.В. Особенности взаимоотношения политики и религии

January, 2013

Articles in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

Denisov A.A. Relationship conflict athletes and experience of their professional activities (experience of structural equation modeling)

October, 2014

Articles in journal «Portal of Scientific and Practical Publications»

Конфликты в организациях и пути их разрешения

July, 2015