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Переводческие аспекты воспроизведения ЯКМ британских стихов Nursery Rhymes в их русских аналогах

№ 11 November 2015 | Category: Philology

Окказиональность и прецедентность русско-французского жаргона Б.Ю. Поплавского

№ 3 March 2017 | Category: Literature

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Koltsova O.N. Types of allusive references to the pre-texts

February, 2014

Anashkina N.Y. Linguistic implication of feelings, states, and activities in the texts of British folklore

November, 2015

Danilina A.V. Features of precedent phenomena in the novel «The Lost Symbol» by Dan Brown

December, 2015

Articles in journal «Philology and Literature»

Koltsova O.N. Pre-text as a concept

February, 2014

Ruban T.V. The military component as a key feature of pedagogical discourse in Presidential Cadet School

April, 2015