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Дисциплина труда

№ 5 May 2014 | Category: Economics

Удовлетворенность трудом и ее влияние на текучесть кадров

№ 5 May 2014 | Category: Economics

Оценка конкурентоспособности организации

№ 6 June 2014 | Category: Economics

Анализ внешней среды (микросреды) при оценке конкурентоспособности организации сферы услуг на региональном рынке

№ 8 August 2014 | Category: Economics

Функциональный менеджмент как метод оптимизации принятия и реализации управленческих решений

№ 9 September 2014 | Category: Economics

Эргономические параметры рабочих мест как ключевой фактор эффективности труда

№ 3 March 2015 | Category: Economics

Организация социальных услуг в доме-интернате для престарелых и инвалидов частного унитарного предприятия «Семейный причал»

№ 4 April 2015 | Category: Sociology

Объективные и субъективные конфликты в организациях

№ 12 December 2015 | Category: Sociology

Batjuk N.O. Развитие авиастроения как отрасли народного хозяйства

№ 1 January 2017 | Category: Economics

Понятие и сущность трудового потенциала общества, организации, работника

№ 3 March 2017 | Category: Sociology

Совершенствование системы оплаты труда работников предприятия

№ 4 April 2017 | Category: Economics

Понятие, признаки и виды юридических лиц

№ 11 November 2019 | Category: Law

Роль миссии организации в её деятельности

№ 12 December 2020 | Category: Economics

Стратегия как способ организационного развития предприятия

№ 1 January 2021 | Category: Economics

Стратегия лидерства в российских компаниях

№ 5 May 2021 | Category: Economics

Анализ и совершенствование бизнес коммуникаций в организации как способ повышения эффективности работы пожилого поколения

№ 4 April 2022 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management»

Polina A. The life cycle of the organization

April, 2015

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Место и роль организации, ее внутренняя и внешняя среда

January, 2013

Talanova A.V., Lymareva O.A. Russian up-to-date Human Resources management model: foreign experience

December, 2013

Talanova A.V., Vladimirov S.R. The main approaches to the Human Resourses management

February, 2014

Vafina K.Y. Modern management system in advanced U.S. companies

February, 2014

Lapteva M.V. Problem of effective delegation in company

March, 2014

Aristova J.S. Communication tools, aimed to build effective motivation

March, 2014

Danilina A.S. Strategy of leadership in Russian companies

March, 2014

Abdulina V.E. Life cycle and its practical use in сommerсial organization

March, 2014

Triliskaya Y.S. The use of models William Ouchi for system analysis control in modern organizations

March, 2014

Talanova A.V. Main areas of personnel management in Russia

March, 2014

Sargsyan T.A. Analysis of the internal environment of the commercial organization based on the 7C MODEL

March, 2014

Vartanyan P.V. Problems of teambuilding in Russian companies

March, 2014

Prikhodko X.A. How to realize synergies of joint procurement

July, 2014

Smirnov V.P., Gorbatenko A.V. Analysis of the internal environment in the evaluation of the competitiveness of service organizations in the regional market

August, 2014

Smirnov V.P., Gorbatenko A.V. Development of recommendations to improve the competitiveness service organizations in the regional market

September, 2014

Umudalieva F.F., Serochudinov E.S. The development strategy of the organization with regard to the stage of its life cycle

January, 2015

Voroshilina N.N. The theoretical model of the organization of social services in the enterprise of private ownership

February, 2015

Ogorodnikova C.V. Structure of quality of the project and methods of its increase

May, 2015

Drovnikova K.O., Bessonova M.A., Trofimenko E.N. On the problem of studying innovative approaches in human resource management

September, 2015

Kulikova N.N., Nikolaeva O.Y., Gorb E.N. The model of organization work with clients of travel company

October, 2015

Drevs K.O., Dolnikovа N.P. Risks in innovative activity

December, 2015

Khaimurzina N.Z., Dubovitskaya D.D., Trond E.V. Risks related to the dismissal of professional staff member

March, 2016

Muntean C.А., Baksheyev S.L. The value of the process of movement training

August, 2016

Khodykina A., Elena T. Managerial innovation: the concept essence and problems of implementation in organizations

September, 2016

Konushanets X.S. Structure of the organization and role of the leader

January, 2017

Особенности конфликтных ситуаций в организациях

May, 2017

Формы и традиционные системы оплаты труда

December, 2017

Современные методы управления финансами и рисками

May, 2019

Взаимосвязь размера организации и политики руководства

December, 2019

Экономическая сущность категорий "ликвидность" и "платежеспособность"

December, 2019

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Lyamin M.I. Concept of efficiency of a site

June, 2014

Bartunskaya I.A., Serochudinov E.S. The evolution of views on the nature and essence of the organization

June, 2014

Smirnov V.P., Gorbatenko A.V. Analysis of the external environment (macro-) in the evaluation of the competitiveness of service organizations in the regional market

August, 2014

Androsova I.V. On the assessment of intellectual capital, knowledge-based

August, 2014

Smirnov V.P., Gorbatenko A.V. Analysis of marketing activities in the assessment of the competitiveness of service organizations in the regional market

September, 2014

Andriyash V.I. Institutionalization: concept and content

November, 2014

Voronina A.B. Economic and geographic approaches to the study of the functional organization of territorial recreational system for specially protected areas

December, 2014

Akhmadiev G.M. Physiological basis and principles of safe food technology students

December, 2014

Evseev D.V., Gorbunov V.N. The possibility of using games in the organization

January, 2015

Sinitsyn M.A., Gorbunov V.N. Opportunities and prospects for the use of social networks to promote products and services

January, 2015

Salihova E.H., Rabtsevich A.A. Relationship between the concepts of «leadership» and «management» in modern organizations

February, 2015

Voroshilina N.N. Ways of improving the organization of social services in the boarding house for the elderly and disabled private unitary enterprise "Family berth"

February, 2015

Abuzarova A.R., Rabtsevich A.A. Differences of employees motivation in Russia and Japan

February, 2015

Shesternina O.I. Ways to enhance the effectiveness of non-productive organization based management system optimization

March, 2015

Saprykina A.P. Characteristics of consumers's loyalty towards particular trade brand of goods

March, 2015

Voronina A.B. Typology of specially protected natural areas of the Crimea by type of recreational activity

April, 2015

Lapshina Z.V., Praht K.S. Features of formation of segment reporting

May, 2015

Demin V.V. The use of information resources in the organization of mass events

June, 2015

Vdovina O.A., Glebova E.S. Development of the system of internal communication as a factor in conflict prevention in insurance companies

June, 2015

Savchenko I.A., Andreev A.N., Beletskaya O.O., Seregina A.S. Analysis and improvement of the organization of public relations at the University

August, 2015

Terpugova A.V. Self-regulation of the construction business in Russia: problems and solutions

September, 2015

Shtern V.I. Ways of strategic development of the production system of the structural divisions of the company

November, 2015

Tanurcova I.G. Organizational culture in the strategic management

December, 2015

Tanurcova I.G. Strategic human resources management as a factor organizational performance

December, 2015

Sobolev N.V. Importance of forecasting in organization’s activity

January, 2016

Mukhina E.R. The research of the categorical nature of the concept of «competitiveness»

January, 2016

Maltsev S.A. Perspective technologies for the organization of the automated system of the commercial accounting of a water consumption

February, 2016

Malinina E.A., Utkin L.A., Pchelintsev V.A. About competitiveness

February, 2016

Tselyutina T.V., Linkina D.L. Corporate portal as an innovative way to motivate

April, 2016

Tarskii M.O. Organization management quality: a study of definition

November, 2016

Babintseva E.I., Ivashchenko M.A. Innovative strategies in personnel management

December, 2016

Volkova S.I. Structures of Federal exchequer and its function

January, 2017

Korolev A.A. Unemployment in Russia and methods of struggle with it

April, 2017

Dachaeva M.D. Image of the organization as a tool of improving its competitiveness

April, 2017

Arkhipova I.S., Panteleimonova D.Y. Formation of corporate culture in the field of information security

April, 2017

Предупреждение противоправной деятельности лидеров бандитствующего элемента в местах лишения свободы

May, 2017

Совершенствование корпоративной культуры организации посредством вовлечения персонала в инновационную деятельность

June, 2017

Механизм управления финансовой устойчивостью коммерческой организации

June, 2017

Особенности нематериальной мотивации персонала

November, 2017

Роль протестантизма в первом периоде существования Ку-Клукс-Клана (1865-1871)

January, 2018

Бизнес-антропология как проекция культурной антропологии

March, 2018

Принципы разработки и производства стеновых панелей при трехстадийной тепловой обработке

May, 2018

Корпоративная культура как условие социально-экономического успеха организации

January, 2019

Механизмы минимизации рисков

January, 2020

Стратегии развития организации

July, 2020

Рейтинг проектных вузов и стратегия их развития

November, 2020

Административные и экономические методы управления

November, 2020

Причины сопротивления изменениям организации

December, 2020

Роль стимулирующих систем в организации процесса производства

December, 2020

Glushchenko V.V. The task of optimizing the level of information openness/secrecy in the activities of a commercial organization

May, 2021

Формирование инновационной политики организаций в период перехода к шестому технологическому укладу

August, 2021

Проектный подход, моделирование и бизнес-планирование в инновационной деятельности предприятий в условиях восьмого технологического уклада

November, 2021

Проектный метод функционирования организаций во время девятого технологического уклада

January, 2022

Особенности ведения бухгалтерского учёта в бюджетном учреждении

May, 2022

Применение новых технологий в сфере Event-менеджмента

January, 2023

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Rudov D.N., Kapustina I.Y. To the question of the reduction in the headcount of the organization

April, 2014

Borisova A.S. Efficiency of functioning of the state structures at attraction of investments into region

September, 2015

Articles in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

February, 2013

Kreyk A.I. The key principle of creation of organization as form of social orderliness in the mankind history

February, 2014

Svetlova A.S. Organizational context in modern psychological researches

March, 2014

Voloshin A.V. Social technology the participation of youth in social movements to maintain public orders

May, 2014

Sobolev N.V. The problem situation of social diagnostics of organization and management in modern state

June, 2015

Articles in journal «Modern Technics and Technologies»

Voroshilina N.N. Organization of document management in social institutions

February, 2015

Davydova A.A., Babenko A.V., Novikova T.B. Development of Information Flow

November, 2016

Оптимизация бизнес-процессов организации

May, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern Pedagogy»

Flerov O.V. The main principles of students’ individual work in the process of their linguistic training

March, 2015

Articles in journal «Portal of Scientific and Practical Publications»

Конфликты в организациях и пути их разрешения

July, 2015

Articles in journal «Student Scientific Researches »

Su Y. Office romance in the system of personnel management: problems and solutions.

July, 2014

Odnokoz V.G. Outsourcing as factor of increase of competitiveness of modern business

December, 2014

Nenenkova A.Y. Reframing of Leadership: to go beyond

April, 2015