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Основные подходы к определению понятия «коммуникативная компетентность»

№ 12 December 2013 | Category: Pedagogics

Историко-педагогический анализ становления теории учебных задач (Общепедагогический аспект)

№ 1 January 2015 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Panchenkova M.F. Theoretical and methodological aspects of language training of future specialists for railway transport

September, 2015

Panchenkova M.F., Vorontsova V.V. The issue of professional training for future specialists in the sphere of transport logistics by means of network community

February, 2017

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Markarjan A.S., Popov S.V. Learning objectives of foreign language teaching in modern competence-based paradigm

July, 2016