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About developing small and a private entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan

№ 4 April 2014 | Category: Economics

Бизнес и интернет: рост возможностей решения проблем занятости населения

№ 11 November 2014 | Category: Economics

Способы внедрения инноваций в России

№ 1 January 2016 | Category: Economics

Методы завоевания доли рынка металлоконструкций

№ 3 March 2016 | Category: Economics

Сложности развития отраслевых рынков

№ 4 April 2016 | Category: Economics

Инновационное развитие малого и среднего бизнеса на примере Курской области

№ 6 June 2016 | Category: Economics

Сущность и задачи кадровой политики и кадровой стратегии предприятия

№ 12 December 2016 | Category: Economics

Development of the entrepreneurs and business in Russia in 2016

№ 12 December 2016 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Genatulin M.A. Venture financing of innovation activity in Russia

March, 2013

Ishchenko A.R. Analysis of human resource management in Japanese companies (in Japan)

February, 2014

Zhikhareva E.D., Shiryaev D.V. Methods of increasing innovative activity in Youth entrepreneurship in Russian universities

April, 2014

Trutneva E.V. Сontemporary Issues of the Organisations-Borrowers in Russia

April, 2014

Leushkina Y.E. The problem of developing small business Russian far East

April, 2014

Prikhodko X.A. How to realize synergies of joint procurement

July, 2014

Shchelkunova Y.S. Automating the process of operation of Vladivostok catering company

January, 2015

Bragina V.D. Prospects for the progressive development of small business

September, 2015

Olimova Z.G., Nikulin A.N. Finance in computer games and virtual aspect of the real

December, 2015

Bashkirova V.E., Lazuko A.G., Gordeeva O.A. IT - as a way to improve the management efficiency of business processes in the economic sphere organizations

February, 2016

Musostova D.S. Infrastructure as a factor for development of recreational zones

March, 2016

Dmitriev I.A. Leadership model in 21 century

May, 2016

Dryndina A.V. Specificity and problems of lending to small and medium-sized businesses

May, 2016

Pavlova A.S., Nikushina A.N., Sarafanov A.D., Anastasova A.S. Analysis of innovative strategies enterprises of the ICT sector

November, 2016

Babaeva A.G. Analysis of the impact of capital expenditures on the company's revenues

November, 2016

Popova M.S. Econometric model of dependence of labor force on the number of companies

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Plotnikov A.I. Intersectoral partnership as social innovation for the municipal authorities of Russia

May, 2011

Solovjeva M.V. Influence factors market environment changes on the organizational structure of the building enterprises

November, 2014

Akhmadiev G.M. Physiological basis and principles of safe food technology students

December, 2014

Reznik G.A., Ponomarenko Y.S., Kurdova M.A., Andina K.S. Mechanisms of activation of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities

January, 2015

Saprykina A.P. Characteristics of consumers's loyalty towards particular trade brand of goods

March, 2015

Kharayev V.V. Coffee devices as alternative of investment

May, 2015

Antonets D.K. Problems of financing small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation

December, 2015

Krasnov N.V. Management of projects on an example of group of companies Bosch

March, 2016

Askaryants V.P. Teaching modern biomedical disciplines in medical university

April, 2016

Tavbulatova Z.K., Bulueva L.A. Small businesses North Caucasus Federal district: the state and problems of business in modern conditions

June, 2016

Eremkina Y.V., Averina O.I. Current economic crisis and the bankruptcy of companies

June, 2016

Starostina A.V., Klimov P.A. Brand community and brand groups in social networks

June, 2016

Mironova M.N., Voroshilova O.S. Method of management company on the basis of statistics

November, 2016

Parfirova A.A., Kryukova A.A. The Internet of things in the modern world

February, 2017

Glushchenko V.V., Sheveleva I.A. Theoretical and practical problems of development of the general theory of hotel business

March, 2021

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Galimova A.S., Poluyanova O.A. Problems of social responsibility business

February, 2014

Yurzina Y. V. Gross capital amnesty, returning to Russia

March, 2015

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Mironova M.N., Voroshilova O.S. Problems of family education

November, 2016