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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Functional–semantic peculiarities of present continuous tense

№ 2 February 2013 | Category: Philology

Социология потребительской культуры и этнокультурная идентичность

№ 8 August 2013 | Category: Sociology

Оптимизация процесса выдачи кредита физическим лицам

№ 5 May 2017 | Category: Economics

Цифровая управленческая платформа как способ решения управленческого кризиса в современном мире

№ 3 March 2019 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management»

Dobroselskiy V.V. Organizational excellence enterprises agriculture

June, 2015

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Smirnov A.V., Zhakupova M.G. Analyzing and evaluating the development of management decisions in a commercial organization

October, 2013

Yamilov R.M. Temporal economy: some aspects of the time consistency of economic entity

June, 2015

Bashkirova V.E., Lazuko A.G., Gordeeva O.A. IT - as a way to improve the management efficiency of business processes in the economic sphere organizations

February, 2016

Muntean C.А., Baksheyev S.L. The value of the process of movement training

August, 2016

Sushonkova E.Y. Application of probabilistic planning of project activity

November, 2016

Gekhaeva I.S., Umarov A.H. Issues to improve the process of enterprise management

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Fadeev E.V., Shepelev I.G. Control over the activities of the production areas of the electric grid complex with application of the planning system

December, 2015

Novikova T.B., Makhmutova M.V., Guseva T.F., Vakhrushev V.I., Sedneva D.A., Klimov P.A., Ivanchenko A.Y., Ignatova T.A., Yakovleva M.F. Business process modeling "Accounting for repairs" for the purpose of improving the efficiency and functioning of the company providing repair services

December, 2015

Wais A.A. Modern scientific researches in the field of formation and development of plantings

February, 2016

Atahanov S.N., Akramboyev R.A., Atamirzayeva S.T., Xojiev R.M., Mallabayev O.T. Drying procedure analysis of the secondary raw materials of juice production and matehematical model formation of drying system by obtaining of half – finished powder

June, 2016

Semev K.M., Medvedeva S.V., Vasiliev E.A. Characteristic heat treatment bearing manufacturing defects

November, 2016

Kartavykh M.A., Ageev A.A. Didactic cycle – a universal procedural basis of education in the field of safety of human life

December, 2016

Solodov A.K. Financial projections and their connection with the expert staff

February, 2017

Akabirova L.H. Personal development - the future of society

February, 2017

Kaufman N.Y. Managing the process of organizational change in the conditions of innovative development

March, 2017

Gudkova S.A., Shazamova N.A. Develop the structure of the APQP process based on the methodology of «Project Management»

March, 2017

Особенности скользящего бюджетирования

June, 2017

Определение оценки рисков на предприятии

December, 2018

Особенности управления качеством образования

May, 2019

Вероятностные показатели способности к обучению для различных режимов работы авиационного оператора

August, 2020

Социализация - типы социализации

January, 2021

Проектный метод функционирования организаций во время девятого технологического уклада

January, 2022

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Shigurova H.I. The comparative legal analysis of the procedural order of a criminal case under the laws of England and Russia

March, 2016

Articles in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

Kaschuk J.O. Using of ICT in the development and education of children of preschool age

January, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern Technics and Technologies»

Shamis V.A., Mochalin M.S. Analysis of indicators of efficiency of transport and logistic processes

December, 2016

Articles in journal «Student Scientific Researches »

Odnokoz V.G. State regulation of innovative activity in the Russian Federation

November, 2014

Odnokoz V.G. Outsourcing as factor of increase of competitiveness of modern business

December, 2014