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Дидактический тест: адаптивная и акмепедагогическая модель в структуре профессионального развития и становления личности педагога

№ 7 July 2016 | Category: Pedagogics

Социализация личности в модели адаптивного и акмепедагогического знания

№ 8 August 2016 | Category: Pedagogics

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Ostryakova S.V., Ostryakov I.A., Salnikov A.E. Pedagogical practice of future teachers of physical culture in the model of health-savings and productive personality

July, 2015

Salnikov A.E., Ostryakova S.V. Social pedagogy in vocational training model of the future teacher of physical culture

August, 2016

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Ostryakov I.A., Ostryakova S.V., Ostryakova D.I. Adaptive pedagogical knowledge in the model of preparation of future teacher of physical culture

October, 2015

Salnikov A.E., Ostryakova S.V. The course "The History of Pedagogy and Education" in the professional development of the individual models

July, 2016

Salnikov A.E., Ostryakova S.V. Self-realization of the individual as a social and pedagogical problem

July, 2016

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Salnikov A.E., Ostryakova S.V. Features specification category "education" in the model of vocational teacher education

July, 2016

Ostryakov A.I., Ostryakova S.V. Professional formation of the person of the future teacher in the structure of learning the basics of pedagogical knowledge

July, 2016