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Реализация эмотивности фразеологических единиц в текстах современной англоязычной прессы

№ 3 March 2013 | Category: Philology

О некоторых свойствах значения

№ 1 January 2014 | Category: Psychology

Вегетативный признак в английских и русских пословицах

№ 7 July 2014 | Category: Linguistics

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Druzhilov S.A. Professional activity as a system of relationships man with the World

September, 2013

Merenyasheva M.A., Merenyasheva A.V. The essence of the concept of "fantasy" in the context of design education. The role of imagination in teaching method the artistic and compositional modeling

April, 2015

Kiryanova M.A. Problems of homonymy in the real and educational communication in Japanese language

April, 2015

Norets T.M. Semantic and cognitive analysis of the concept "WORK" (in French and Russian languages)

June, 2015

Levkova T.V. Search for meaning of life as a challenge for development of modern teenager

January, 2016

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Levit L.Z. Modern utopias: mediocrity as a standard

November, 2015