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К вопросу подготовки будущих учителей к работе в инклюзивной образовательной среде

№ 11 November 2015 | Category: Pedagogics

Проблемы построения комплексной системы подготовки специалистов

№ 7 July 2016 | Category: Pedagogics

Опыт использования квадрокоптера на учебных сборах со студентами военной кафедры связи и возможности его использования в подразделениях связи в различных звеньях управления

№ 12 December 2016 | Category: Science

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Nikolaev I.S., Ivanov A.Y. Development of the program for construction prospects of buildings

January, 2013

Kargina E.M. Role of psychological features of students in implementation of educational process

July, 2014

Makarova S.E. Innovation in Education

January, 2015

Dolotova R.G., Osipova Y.Y. The application of information education technologies in the study course «Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics»

May, 2015

Mayer R.V. Research of the closed didactic system with use the method of computer modelling

September, 2015

Milotaeva O.S., Komarova E.V. The use of texts on the profile of preparation of the future bachelors and masters as a way to increase the motivation of foreign language teaching

September, 2015

Iavich M.P., Samushia N.P., Tavberidze G.A. Simulation of computer game positive influence on educational process

March, 2016

Sivak O.G. The methodology of modern educational management

April, 2016

Sundeeva M.O., Tatarenko M.A., Koldina M.I. The use of the webinar in the learning process

November, 2016

Supova E.S. Information security in educational process

March, 2017

Проблема социальной адаптации студентов первого курса

May, 2017

Развитие системы образования в России: от А до Я

June, 2017

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Zubritskaya L.S., Chaykovskaya E.V. The Organization of the Controlled Independent Work at Learning Foreign Languages at Technical High School

June, 2015

Parhomenko A.V., Pestov O.V., Gumelev V.Y., Elistratov V.V. Organization of educational process at the department of operation of armament and military equipment: problems and ways of their solution

April, 2016

Romanova E.S. On the problem of the definition of the concepts «educational technology», «pedagogical technology», «learning technology» in modern pedagogical science

May, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Korobova E.A. Mechanisms for improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of educational services of university on the base of information technologies

June, 2015

Romanishina N.V. The resources of the pedagogical process of the studying short stories by the students of humanitarien universities (on the example of the Ukrainian literature)

September, 2015

Kolontsova O.V. Problems of application of information technologies in preschool institutions

January, 2016

Kozlov P.G., Kabanova I.V., Stoyushko N.Y. The reflexive competence modern teacher as a factor influencing the quality of the educational process

January, 2016

Pridvorova A.L. Monitoring of educational process in a medical university: educational potential of a survey

April, 2016

Titova E.V. Education – innovative approaches to formation of personality

June, 2016

Reprintseva E.V., Zyukin D.A. Organizational-methodical aspects of state final certification of graduates

January, 2017

Sergeeva N.M., Zyukin D.A. Studying the basics of entrepreneurial activities in medical university

January, 2017

Sergeeva N.M. Methodology of assessment of health care organizations efficiency

February, 2017

Reprintseva E.V. The method of analysis of labour resources use in healthcare

February, 2017

Belyaev S.A. The methodology of using methods of factor analysis operating on the principles of elimination

March, 2017

Sergeeva N.M. The principles and systems of quality management used in management decisions

March, 2017

Reprintseva E.V. The technique of using in educational process the tools of strategic marketing

March, 2017