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Современные методы снижения затрат на персонал в условиях социально-экономической нестабильности

№ 12 (52) December 2015 | Category: Economics

Коррупция как прямая угроза экономической безопасности государства

№ 9 (61) September 2016 | Category: Law

Управление символическим капиталом: народный кредит доверия в условиях кризисной экономической ситуации

№ 12 (64) December 2016 | Category: Economics

Правовые основы доверительного управления имуществом в современной России

№ 3 (67) March 2017 | Category: Law

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Taranov P.M., Panasyuk A.S. On the issue of protectionism in the early years of the global economic crisis

February, 2015

Lymareva O.A., Topolyan E.L. Development of competitive advantages in the economic crisis

April, 2015

Nikolaenkova M.S. Strategic planning of development of the Russian pharmaceutical market in terms of import substitution

March, 2016

Dergilev P.V. Assessment of the impact of the economic crisis on the economic security of the enterprise

September, 2016

Tsvetkova I.I., Sivolap A.V. Support for the organization's image in the economic crisis

November, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Zakharova E.V., Maier M.V. Sanctions against Russia. Analysis of the impact of the economic crisis on the retail trade.

April, 2015

Vladimirov N.A. The Federal budget of the Russian Federation for 2016 and its anti-recessionary orientation

December, 2015

Naydanova E.B., Shapkhaev B.S. The development of agriculture of region in the conditions of economic crisis

February, 2016

Shevchenko S.S. The problem of motivating employees in crisis

April, 2016

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Fomina O.I., Tselyutina T.V. Modern methods of cost reduction on personnel in the conditions of social and economic instability

December, 2015

Gracheva N.L. Corruption as a direct threat to the economic security of the state

September, 2016

Shmelyova L.A. Symbolic Capital Management: the People's Credibility in a Crisis Economic Situation

December, 2016

Antohi E.P. The legal framework of trust management of property in modern Russia

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Drobot E.V., Kutuzova A.O. Unipolar and multipolar world: future world building

January, 2015