Shmelyova Larisa Aleksandrovna
Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
student, Saratov

Symbolic capital management is an integral part of its accumulation. It’s clear that at present positive reputation has great authority in a society. Symbolic capital takes the invaluable importance exactly in the information society. This is especially necessary for the state government on part of its people. The article analyzes peculiarities of social development in the conditions of present-day crisis in an economy. The problem of trust to the state control of economic process is revealed there. A new term "national credibility" which means a person’s positive reputation, any trustworthy organization or a state is proposed in that particular article. It is concluded that the state symbolic capital accumulation is possible only on the basis of trustful relationships between a government and citizens. The work is done with the help of the scientific advisor M. V. Demidova – PhD, a candidate of Philosophical Sciences, the associate Professor of Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration (a branch of RANEPA).

Keywords: Bourdieu, economic crisis, economic policy, financial wealth, management, people's credibility, symbolic capital, tax base

Category: Economics

Article reference:
Symbolic Capital Management: the People's Credibility in a Crisis Economic Situation // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 12 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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