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Анализ ограничения конкуренции на рынке строительных услуг региона

№ 6 June 2014 | Category: Economics

Стандарты деловой практики строительных организаций в условиях саморегулирования

№ 6 June 2014 | Category: Economics

Направления развития системы саморегулирования в региональном строительном комплексе

№ 6 June 2014 | Category: Economics

Стратегические и нестратегические барьеры входа на рынок строительных услуг региона

№ 6 June 2014 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Stanislavskiy A.R. Identification of Design Stages for Construction Projects in National and International Standards

January, 2014

Khrustalev B.B., Dmitrieva T.N., Lobykina N.V. Approaches to solving the problem of housing affordability in the Penza region

August, 2014

Stanislavskiy A.R. Design stages in construction: European approach

October, 2014

Lymareva O.A., Topolyan E.L. Development of competitive advantages in the economic crisis

April, 2015

Stanislavskiy A.R. Design Stages in Construction: Towards the Harmonization of International Standards

June, 2015

Onischenko M.Y., Borisova N.I., Borisov A.V. Energy technology in construction

March, 2016

Kaplyuk E.V., Bagrych L.V., Mikoyan M.V. Economic and statistical analysis of labor productivity

April, 2016

Nechaeva I.V., Kadnikova O.V. The analysis of the Germany real estate market.

July, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Garkin I.N., Danilov A.M. Bachelor of applied: formation of professional competence

June, 2014

Gorbunov V.N., Mihajlina J.M., Dmitrieva T.N., Lobykina N.V. Economic evaluation of the effects of self-regulation institute in the construction industry

June, 2014

Pustovoitov Y.L. Alternative approaches to forming foreign grammar skills

June, 2015

Karagusova A.D. The problems of financing the construction of toll roads

September, 2016

Maslov A.G., Zhanar B. Self-propelled vibrating unit for forming concrete products

November, 2016

Titova S.S., Sheludyakova Y.I. Development of industrial zones in Moscow - plans and prospects

December, 2016

Makkaeva R.S.A. Priorities the formation of reproductive structures of the Chechen Republic

January, 2017

Bessonov A.S. Resource-saving technologies in construction and their application at the present stage

February, 2017

Pavlova M.A. The artificial land plot: long way to legal definition

February, 2017

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Ershov O.G. On the relationship arising after the conclusion of the preliminary contract construction

April, 2014

Karpov K.V. Main directions of scientific research problems of civil-legal regulation of relations in the construction

May, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Suhov Y.I., Garkina I.A. Fundamental training bachelors (GEF 3+)

June, 2014