Mamedova Elmira Galasi
Baku State University of Azerbaijan Republic
candidate for a degree English teacher at Baku medical сollege

As it is known, the theory of combination of words in Azerbaijani linguistics was formed under the influence of Russian linguists’ statements. Therefore, firstly this article examines the emergence and formation of the phrases in Russian linguistics, and then in the European (and American) linguistics. The questions of the origin and development of the theory of phrases in the Azerbaijani linguistics are investigated. Finally, we study the participation of adjectives in phrases of English and Azerbaijani languages.
The adjectives in phrases are investigated in the article. Since the adjective refers to the part of speech, in fact, the author is interested in the noun phrase. The author briefly explores the components of adjectives phrases in English and Azerbaijani languages.

Keywords: adjective, attributive phrases, azeri language, combination of words, free combinations, noun phrases, the actual adjectives

Category: Philology

Article reference:
The component of combination of words in adjectives // Humanities scientific researches. 2015. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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