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К вопросу о развитии внимания детей младшего школьного возраста

№ 1 January 2015 | Category: Psychology

Развитие внимания детей младшего школьного возраста в условиях социально-реабилитационного центра

№ 5 May 2018 | Category: Psychology

Концентрации внимания у ачери-биатлонистов 12-15 лет

№ 10 October 2019 | Category: Pedagogics

Развитие познавательных процессов у детей младшего школьного возраста с ДЦП

№ 12 December 2021 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Yelshansky S.P. Preference and ignoring of simple geometric shapes in the process of visual perception (eye tracking research)

April, 2014

Boriskova M.I. About the attention of younger teenagers in a special (correctional) school of VIII kind

January, 2015

Posypkina Y.V., Shigabetdinova G.M. Influence of different genres of music on human performance

February, 2016

Одиночество ребенка в семье

January, 2018

Articles in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

Kazachihina M.V. The research focus in women during pregnancy

October, 2013

Drozdova V.A. Basic properties of attention and their effective usage in the present conditions

February, 2014

Zimulina G.D. The problem of formation values of modern students

April, 2015

Baryshev V.V. The study of attention and suggestibility of the individual in the framework of the problem of the child's ability to be self-sufficient security

February, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern Pedagogy»

Saenko M.A. Leisure for preschool age on the topic: «What is attention»

December, 2012