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Активизация познавательной деятельности учащихся на уроках физики

№ 4 April 2013 | Category: Pedagogics, Psychology

Особенности учебной мотивации в юношеском возрасте

№ 10 October 2019 | Category: Psychology

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Kargina E.M. The main directions of realization of variability principle in the course of training in a foreign language

November, 2014

Trukhmanova E.N., Sergeeva D.K. Features of anxiety of university students with different indicators of the success of training activities

March, 2017

Golovankova E.A., Koneva I.A. To the problem of school adaptation of children with impaired intelligence who have autism spectrum disorders

April, 2017

Мотивация студентов к обучению

November, 2018

Balalaieva O.Y. Methods of organizing educational activities of students in learning Latin using an electronic educational resource

March, 2021

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Смирнов А.В. Формирование мотивации учебной деятельности у студентов технического ВУЗа

December, 2012

Krasilnikova O.A. The problem of development of motivation of educational-professional activity of students of the Polytechnic College

October, 2014

Kargina E.M. Morphological and dynamic aspect of educational activity in the context of training in a foreign language

January, 2015

Kargina E.M. Task role in motivation of training in reading in a foreign language

January, 2015

Muslimovа F.G. Characteristics of personality-motivational sphere of students in adaptation

April, 2016

Zenkin I.S., Timokhin R.A., Kozlov P.G., Fediuk R.S. The development of the leading representative system of information perception in the learning process

November, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Perevozchikova M.S. The usage of the individual educational route during the studying the information technologies

September, 2014

Luceva I.Y. Development of a questionnaire aimed at identifying the level of self-learning activities primary school children

January, 2015

Lucia I.Y. Development of a questionnaire to study the effect of control on the self-organization of students

June, 2015

Kogut C.Y. The impact on the students' level of claims successful mastering theoretical knowledge

July, 2015