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Проявление свойств темперамента студентов в стрессовой ситуации

№ 11 November 2013 | Category: Psychology

Причины конфликтов и методы их преодоления в туристском бизнесе

№ 9 September 2015 | Category: Economics

Особенности виктимного поведения студентов с различным уровнем стрессоустойчивости

№ 2 February 2017 | Category: Psychology

Трансформация субъективного времени в экстремальных ситуациях у сотрудников правоохранительных органов

№ 10 October 2017 | Category: Psychology

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Елисеева Е.В., Пермяков А.А., Юдицкий А.Д., Брыляков А.В. Системная реакция организма на сенсорный стресс различного генеза

May, 2012

Levchenko V.V., Zaev P.I. Influence of stress on the success of athletes' sports activities

November, 2012

Tsimbalov M.Y., Tatarintseva R.Y. The effectiveness of an integrated approach using the methods of traditional medicine in the correction of the female body in after-birth period

September, 2013

Permyakov A. A., Eliseeva E.V., Yuditskii A.D., Isakova L.S. EEG correlates of rat's behavior in chronic stress

October, 2013

Tatarintseva R.Ya., Lebedeva E.Yu., Panov G.A., Apriamashvili G.G. Сomplex approach in the prevention and treatment of back pain in the postpartum period

December, 2013

Oparina O.N. A stress as the reason of endotoxic aggression in athletes

March, 2014

Oparina O.N. The role played by the endotoxin released by Gram-negative intestinal bacteria in physiological and pathological manifestations of stress

May, 2014

Lebedeva T.E. Stress management professionals working in the field of service and tourism

November, 2014

Isakova L.S., Yuditskiy A.D., Permyakov A.A. Spatial and temporal patterns of behavior of rats with various prognostic stress resistance in the test "open field"

January, 2015

Kozlov A.S. Study of enzymes sprouting activity of seeds fenugreek in conditions of termostress

June, 2015

Sharafutdinova K.E., Shigabetdinova G.M. Determination of coping-strategies different methods

December, 2015

Tvetkova A.N. The part of stress in your life

March, 2016

Zagorskiy V.A. Kinds of dental patients’ conflict behavior and the prevention of their occurrence and relief

September, 2016

Sysoev P.G., Mingalimova A.R., Volynin I.S. Burnout syndrome among tuberculosis specialists

March, 2017

Преодоление стресса у студентов в период сессии путем организации самостоятельных занятий физической культурой

December, 2017

Управление стрессом

January, 2018

Психическое здоровье

March, 2018

Стресс: причины и признаки

July, 2020

Изучение особенностей стресса у специалистов учреждения для детей с ограниченными возможностями здоровья

November, 2020

Сахарный диабет: психосоматика заболевания

January, 2022

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

February, 2013

February, 2013

Klenova M.A., Zakharova Y.S. Individual and psychological features of readness to a stress

April, 2015

Kuzmina A.S., Demina L.D. Bailiff’s strategy to cope of a stress

May, 2015

Balakshina E.V. Features a koping-behavior in professionally difficult situations at the staff of the commercial organizations

September, 2015

Zimulina G.D. The problem of psychological health of students

September, 2015

Naidenova S.V. Professional stress: specifics of emergence and its psychologist — economic consequences

May, 2016

Articles in journal «Researches in Science»

Permjakov A.A., Yuditskiy A.D. The program for the processing of the experimental data in animal testing in the "open field"

September, 2013

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Elena A., Alexandr D., Elena K., Svetlana K. Methods of lowering a stress level by the high school lecturer on a work

May, 2014

Feofilova M.R. Problems of study of influence of typical situations of vital functions of schoolboy on his emotional state

February, 2016

Shestopalova A.L. Emotional burnout in the implementation of employment

February, 2017