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Интерактивные методы в профессиональном образовании субъектов системы профилактики

№ 2 February 2014 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Bekoeva M.I. The main directions of the monitoring and evaluation of students' knowledge

November, 2015

Voroshilova O.S., Mironova M.N. Problems of innovation in vocational education and methods for their solution

October, 2016

Основные направления развития профессионального образования

January, 2018

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Falomkina I.P. Distance forms of training as a means of improving the standard of speech teachers in primary and secondary vocational education

October, 2013

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Sulimov V.S. Organization of activities of a professional class when Ishim city College at the turn of XIX-XX centuries

July, 2014

Perunova A.V. Interdisciplinary communication as the basis of creating profissionsional-orienteted textbooks for foreign language practicals

June, 2015

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Dronova E.N. The foundations of the legal work of a social pedagogue: educational-methodical complex of discipline

February, 2015

Poliakova G.G. Development and introduction of active teaching methods for learning “Ecological bases of nature using” special subject

August, 2015

Poliakova G.G. EVENT-technologies in «Ecological bases of nature using» special discipline teaching

January, 2016

Poliakova G.G., Poliakov A.N. Building student’s healthy lifestyle within «Ecological bases of nature using» special subject with using IT

February, 2016

Pridvorova A.L. Monitoring of educational process in a medical university: educational potential of a survey

April, 2016

Kravchuk L.S. About the integration of a foreign language in the profile police officers training

April, 2016

Poliakova G.G. Independent work as instrument of educational process improvement for learning “Ecological bases of nature using” special subject

July, 2016

Poliakova G.G. Active methods of education in combination with independent work as instrument of development of student’s common and special competences

August, 2016

Mironova M.N., Voroshilova O.S., Prihunova J.A. Innovative approaches to the management of educational systems in vocational education

February, 2017

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Mylnikova A.V. A student group as the subject of social support for students in vocational education (for example SOP "Rocket")

December, 2014