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Организационное преобразование экономического субъекта: проблемные аспекты

№ 6 June 2016 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Zadorozhnyaya E.K. Collegial governance model institution of higher education

December, 2013

Serochudinov E.S., Mizova A.I. Especially personnel management in small business

June, 2014

Yamilov R.M., Suhih D.S. Replication of the system while re-engineering economic subject: problem aspect

February, 2016

Merganov A.M. Analyses of international practice of corporate governance in railway

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Gorbunov V.N., Dmitrieva T.N., Bajnishev S.M., Holopova A.A. Features determining the economic efficiency of investment and restructuring of the construction sector

August, 2014

Solovjeva M.V. Influence factors market environment changes on the organizational structure of the building enterprises

November, 2014

Iskhakov M.I., Shekalin A.N., Gorbunov V.N. Service organization of risk management in the investment and construction company

January, 2015

Fatykhova A.I., Rabtsevich A.A. Standard organizational structure of the gas company

March, 2015

Novoselova X.O. Organization of management and evaluation of innovations in the management of enterprises providing accommodation services

May, 2016