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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

О смыслопорождающей роли рефлексии в контекстах литературы и культуры

№ 10 October 2013 | Category: Literature

Взлом социальной системы: основные теоретические положения

№ 2 February 2019 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Yamilov R.M. Management of deformation as the basis of study of deviations and distortions of management and management process

July, 2016

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Elizarov A.N. Object and subject for psychotherapeutic intercourse

April, 2014

Filimonova N.G. Causality and remarcable vocabulary in English language

April, 2016

Dmitriev V.L., Batirshin A.I. The basic of working with the string class in C++ for students

December, 2016

Articles in journal «Researches in Science»

Rabchuk A.V. Procedure search of Pareto-optimal technical solutions with help systematic experiment

February, 2013

Rabchuk A.V., Samigullina R.G. Probability and entropiya in some problems and assume

October, 2013