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Особенности восприятия педагога учащимися начальной школы с нарушением опорно-двигательного аппарата

№ 6 June 2013 | Category: Psychology

Роль дидактических игр при обучении младших школьников на уроках английского языка

№ 3 March 2018 | Category: Pedagogics

Способы формирования УУД у младших школьников с ограниченными возможностями здоровья в урочной деятельности в условиях реализации ФГОС ОВЗ

№ 11 November 2019 | Category: Pedagogics

Устное народное творчество как средство развития познавательного интереса младших школьников с ЗПР

№ 12 December 2020 | Category: Psychology

Игровые технологии как средство коррекции дизорфографии у младших школьников

№ 12 December 2020 | Category: Pedagogics

Роль внеурочной деятельности в формировании нравственных качеств младших школьников с ОВЗ

№ 3 March 2021 | Category: Pedagogics

Психолого-педагогическая диагностика дизорфографии у младших школьников

№ 4 April 2021 | Category: Pedagogics

Формирование коммуникативных навыков у младших школьников с ОВЗ средствами игровой деятельности

№ 6 June 2021 | Category: Pedagogics

Исследование возможностей итернет–пространства как новой образовательной среды начальной школы в условиях пандемии

№ 7 July 2021 | Category: Pedagogics

Формирование у младших школьников проектных умений на уроках русского языка

№ 7 July 2021 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Makarenko V.K., Belousova I.B. The experimental methodology of realization of the third lesson of physical culture in the conditions of rural locality

January, 2015

Goncharuk O.A. Theoretical aspects of the study of the development of the emotional sphere younger students with intellectual disabilities in the classroom graphic activities

March, 2015

Rezantseva I.E. Correction and development of visual perception of the mentally retarded younger students

March, 2015

Bystrova E.V., Miticheva T.I. Study of peculiarities of manifestation of anxiety in children of primary school age

September, 2015

Semina K.A. Development of small motility of hands in younger school students with limited opportunities of health by means of a plastilinografiya

November, 2016

Vetlugina K.I. Safe use of information technologies in education in primary school children of careful attitude to nature in extracurricular activities on the spiritual and moral direction

April, 2017

Vetlugina K.I. The use of computer graphics in elementary school

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Philology and literature»

Tuaeva L.A., Tebloeva Z.B. Methods and techniques of dictionary work in the ossetian language lessons in elementary school

February, 2016

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Nikulochkina V.Y. The role of the assessment in educational activity of pupils of the elementary school

December, 2013

Muslimovа F.G. Characteristics of personality-motivational sphere of students in adaptation

April, 2016

Varzonova N.N. Lesson psychological development for younger students «Learning to cooperate»

June, 2016

Prokofieva F.S. Methods of correction of acoustic dysgraphia at younger schoochildren

March, 2017

Приёмы коррекции мнестической дислексии у младших школьников

May, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Lavruh N.A. Features of formation and correction self-concept of younger students with disabilities

December, 2012

Klyuchnikova S.N. Stages of implementation of the complex target program of health education for school children

November, 2014

Bratchikova Y.V., Plotnikova M. M. The development of motivation of younger students in problem-dialogic learning

March, 2015

Belyaeva S.A. The main drawbacks in the development of readership independence of younger schoolboys

June, 2015

Bogush T.V. The phases of the reference signals at the lessons of Russian language for the purpose of formation of morphological concepts in younger schoolchildren

November, 2015

Deeva A.S., Bezhanova N.L. Some aspects of training of younger schoolchilds to write an essay-description by means of reception text editing

December, 2015

Kadurinа S.M. On the question of methods of forming the control abilities of younger schoolboys

September, 2016

Pryahina E.O., Simdyankina E.K. Modeling learning tasks, developing creative activity of students

November, 2016

Chiplieva A.D. Empirical research orientation of younger schoolboys on moral values

January, 2017

Articles in journal «Student scientific researches »

Ahmadkhanova E.M. The inclusion of younger students to folk culture in the development of traditional mordovian music

April, 2015