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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

The transactions on market of real estate in modern Russia: the role of the state

№ 5 May 2014 | Category: Law

Основные тенденции экономического развития пензенской губернии во второй половине XIX – начале XX вв

№ 7 July 2015 | Category: History

К вопросу о государственном кадастровом учете недвижимости в Российской Федерации: проблема формирования и развития

№ 10 October 2015 | Category: Law

Articles in journal «Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management»

Lipski S.A. About the privatization of agricultural lands in post-Soviet Russia and the state regulation of their turnover

January, 2015

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Lipski S.A. Development rights of land in the post-reform Russia

April, 2014

Paramonova A.V., Dmitrieva T.N., Levina I.Z. Prerequisites of the national system of management of construction

August, 2014

Shindyapina S.V., Popova I.V. Individual inhabited construction: cost aspects of acquisition of the land plot

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Polyakova A.I. Intersectoral concerns of municipal land

February, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern Technics and Technologies»

Boris T.A. The division of land

July, 2015

Miroshnichenko K.I. Ranked ratio analysis land

January, 2016