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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Поземельный кредит (ипотека) в России в конце XIX – начале XX вв.

№ 2 February 2014 | Category: History

Кредитование промысловых крестьян Вятским земством на рубеже XIX и XX веков

№ 2 February 2014 | Category: History

Ипотечное кредитование

№ 6 June 2015 | Category: Economics

Подтоварный кредит в пореформенной России

№ 7 July 2015 | Category: History

К вопросу о деятельности Вятского отделения Государственного банка в пореформенную эпоху

№ 3 March 2016 | Category: History

Понятие кредитоспособности заёмщика

№ 2 February 2017 | Category: Economics

Основные методы анализа кредитоспособности заёмщика

№ 2 February 2017 | Category: Economics

Оптимизация процесса выдачи кредита физическим лицам

№ 5 May 2017 | Category: Economics

Оптимизация процесса кредитования юридических лиц в коммерческих банках

№ 8 August 2019 | Category: Economics

Способы финансирования социальных проектов

№ 3 March 2023 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Zonova O.V., Maeva A.S. Consumer era: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

August, 2013

Grideakin A.A., Fedorova O.S. Development of the market of consumer crediting in the post-crisis period

November, 2013

Shen' V. The problems and prospects of foreign direct investments in the Russian economy

June, 2015

Loseva A.Y. IT-technologies credit risk assessment

June, 2015

Barinova Y.I. Methods of evaluating the creditworthiness of the borrower

June, 2015

Bass A.B. Improving the functioning of credit bureaus in the Russian Federation

September, 2015

Skorobogatova V.V., Vdovina O.O. The role of state support in the development of the flour milling industry in the Republic of Crimea

October, 2015

Thamokova S.M. Improving the accounting of costs and calculation of the cost of corn in agriculture

November, 2015

Sibgatulina A.I. State support of small and medium business in Russia

May, 2016

Bekishev Y.A., Rogatikh D.A., Desyatnichenko D.Y., Desyatnichenko O.Y. Investigation of the fundamental causes of the financial crisis of 2008

June, 2016

Gordeeva A.E. Updating of the fixed business assets in industrial production and sources of their financing

November, 2016

Банки осознанно загоняют граждан в «кредитную кабалу»

October, 2017

Кредит по-русски: кто виноват, и что делать?

December, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Frolova V.B. Problems of formation of borrowed capital structure organization

April, 2014

Potapeyko D.A. Methods of improving the work of banks with problem loans

December, 2014

Mkhitarjan A.V. Bank service of legal entities: problems and prospects on the example of commercial bank

December, 2014

Kosevska N.V. Ways of managing private capital in the period of the economic crisis

September, 2015

Terehova A.N. The credit policy of financial institutions in support of small businesses

November, 2015

Matafonova T.A. The Vyatka regional self-government ‘zemstvo’ and the small credit

March, 2016

Faleev P.A. Credit opportunities of small and medium-sized businesses

March, 2016

Tavbulatova Z.K., Bulueva L.A. Crediting of subjects of small business

June, 2016

Ismagilova Y.R., Tarasova T.V. Leasing in comparison with credit as a method of acquisition of expensive machinery

June, 2016

Artamonova I.S. Improving the efficiency of formation of Russian commercial banks' resources

September, 2016

Kurilov K.Y. Evaluation of the possibility of application of Islamic banking in order to stimulate car sales

December, 2016

Bykova N.N. The main problems of Receivables Management on Russian enterprises and their solutions

December, 2016

Mavlioutov R.R., Prohorchenko T.Y. To the question of the availability of mortgage credit to citizens of Russia in conditions of economic crisis

December, 2016

Vasilenko E.S. Financial resources of the agricultural enterprises

February, 2017

Noskova E.A. The Vyatka office of the State Bank at the turn of XIX - XX centuries

April, 2017

Анализ эффективности кредитной политики банковского сектора Нижегородской области

December, 2017

Кредит и его роль в рыночных отношениях

January, 2021

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Chirkin S.A. The role of the city banks in the life of Russian province in the beginning of the XX century (on example of the Vyatka province)

March, 2014

Chirkin S.A. The factors of the capitalist modernization of the Vyatka region in the end of XIX – beginning of the XX centuries

March, 2014

Zinoveva I.A. Civil liability of participants mortgage relations

November, 2014

Chirkin S.A. The credit activities of Vyatka district councils as a prerequisite for the formation of organized forms of credit in Vyatka province at the turn of XIX and XX centuries

September, 2015

Articles in journal «History and Archeology»

Chirkin S.A. The peasant credit in the Vyatka province according to the household researches of the end of the XIX century

September, 2014

Chirkin S.A. Saving treasuries and offices of public wardship as main hypothec organizations of Russia in XVIII – first half of XIX centuries

July, 2015