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Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

«Пенсионное будущее» российской молодежи: перспективный анализ

№ 6 June 2013 | Category: Economics

Оценка инвестиций в электроэнергетику по Республике Мордовия

№ 4 April 2016 | Category: Economics

Анализ инвестиционной привлекательности индустриального парка

№ 6 June 2018 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Everstova K.N., Emeliantseva M.U. Analysis of the effectiveness of gold investment

February, 2014

Panin A.N. Relative evaluation silver investment properties

March, 2016

Sarafanov A.D., Nikushina A.N. Types of investment strategies: conservative, aggressive, moderate

September, 2016

Kukushkina D.V., Zasimkina A.S. Regional investment at the present stage: Problems and Solutions

November, 2016

Zueva A.S., Mamedova L.E. The innovation reforming as an element of the "advancing" crisis-management

December, 2016

Sarkisov V.G., Sarkisov G.A. Collective investment strategy

March, 2017

Актуальность инвестирования в недвижимость

January, 2022

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Beletskaia A.A. The legal status of the contracting parties of the investment partnership

October, 2013

Shalaev V.S. Venture financing in the national innovation system

February, 2014

Timoshchenko M.D. Usage of such a financial mechanism as finance lease on public catering facilities

June, 2015

Mazantseva M.G., Kryukova A.A. Exchange innovation: the russian experience of development

October, 2016

Gints A.Y., Kryukova A.A. Startup accelerators: specificity of development in Russia and abroad

October, 2016

Masalskaya M.A., Gorbunova M.A. The choice of the investment project on the basis of comparison of business plans by ELECTREI method

December, 2016