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Проблемы адаптации студентов-мигрантов из ДНР и ЛНР в педпроцессе медицинского вуза

№ 3 March 2017 | Category: Pedagogics

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Korsak C.V., Yurchuk L.M. Certain aspects of the compound of the humanistic and democratic planning of the Department of Education

September, 2014

Ageeva N.A. The teaching of dominant by A.A. Ukhtomsky in the context of humanization and humanitarianism of science and education

October, 2014

Fedotova L.F. Humanization of education and dialog communication as necessary conditions for the development of quality systems training specialist

April, 2015

Fedotova L.F. The role of philosophy in quality training of technical specialists

May, 2015

Erokhin S.A. Ethic-legal aspect of ignorance in the context of medical activity

October, 2015

Kartashova E.A., Shapoval G.N. Means and forms of social activity of higher educational establishment students

January, 2016

Lyssenko K.N. Patriotic education program realization within the framework of polycultural dialogue of students in higher educational establishments

March, 2016

Kakutich Y.Y., Pobirchenko V.V. Environmental globalization and humanitarization of education

July, 2016