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Оценка влияния человеческого капитала на экономический рост

№ 1 January 2015 | Category: Economics

Рыночные инвестиции основа экономического роста региона

№ 10 October 2016 | Category: Economics

Развитие экономики Европейского Союза в 2010-2015 годы

№ 2 February 2017 | Category: Economics

Составные элементы ИРЧП и расчет данного показателя

№ 12 December 2019 | Category: Economics

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Noskova C.A. «Human capital» of the U.S.A.: immigration problems

October, 2012

Noskova C.A. Cost of «human capital»

October, 2012

Noskova C.A. «Human capital» of modern Russia: problems of labor migration

October, 2012

Kankia A.G. Financial capacity of companies

March, 2013

Bondarenko A.Y., Kister M.S. The development of favorable climate for foreign investment

May, 2013

Masych M.A., Kapluyk E.V. The analysis of indicators influence of fixed assets updating and salary on labour productivity growth

November, 2014

Kaplyuk E.V., Bagrych L.V., Lewkowicz C.Y. Analysis of innovative activity federal district

December, 2015

Panishchenko M.I., Saltykov M.A. Current status of foreign investments in the economy of Primorsky territiry

January, 2016

Leonova Y.V. The geopolitical risks impact and their consequences for the development of the Russian economy

May, 2016

Eremin A.Y. Analysis of changes in the sectoral structure of the economy of the far eastern federal district of Russia

June, 2016

Biserova N., Veynina V., Gevorgyan Z. Inequality and Growth: Pros and Cons

November, 2016

Osipov V.A., Shugar V.I. National rating of investment climate in subjects of the Russian Federation and Kaluga region’s place in it

January, 2017

Ordynski A.A. Le secteur touristique en Russie: les obstacles et les possibilités du développement

February, 2017

Образовательный потенциал человеческого капитала как фактор конкурентоспособности региона российско-украинского приграничья

March, 2018

Экономический рост России

June, 2018

Инновации как стимулятор экономического роста

May, 2019

Ryzhkova A.A. Financial results management to improve business performance

December, 2021

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Kiryanova V.S. Problem of poverty in Russia and the ways of its solution

April, 2013

Valikhmetova A.T. Problem of balancing the state budget. The relationship between economic growth and balance the budget.

April, 2013

Lukin Y.V. Methods of improving the efficiency of inter-regional economic cooperation

June, 2013

Abgaryan L.S. Innovation as a factor of economic growth of the Russian Federation

December, 2013

Trofimova T.V., Lomovtseva A.V., Shipilov A.G. Economic growth enterprises of electronic industry through modernization of production systems

May, 2014

Zabolotckaia K.V. Growth through investment

June, 2014

Kotelnikov A.V., Sheven L.N. Innovation as a reserve of economic growth Smolensk region

November, 2014

Izosimova I.Y., Rabtsevich A.A. Main factors of development of human resources in the enterprise

January, 2015

Musatova T.E., Buhardinova A.R. Basic laws and models of market development of social and economic systems

February, 2015

Borisova O.V. Key areas of growth of the Russian economy

November, 2015

Aleksandrova K.Yu., Rudenko O.N. Financial strategy of perfume and cosmetics industry

February, 2016

Bashkirova V.E. The development of the Russian economy in the conditions of the present crisis. Economic cycles. The economic growth

February, 2016

Zinovjev I.F., Useinova L.S. Trade policy as a tool of Russia's economic safety

February, 2016

Lyanova A.O. The Potential Application of Innovative Technologies at the Enterprises of the Russian Federation

February, 2016

Morkovkin D.E. Improvement of system of crediting of subjects of small and medium manufacturing as a condition for restoring economic growth

February, 2016

Hajiyev N.Q., Qumbatova S.I. The analysis of the neoclassical approach to economic growth

June, 2016

Shcherbinina M.Y., Stefanova N.A. Competition as a driver of economic growth

June, 2016

Izvekova T.A. Problems of economic growth in Russia

June, 2016

Golovskikh D.S. Inequality slows the economic growth

August, 2016

Anikin S.Y. Problems and prospects of the Russian economy

September, 2016

Anikin S.Y. Economic security metallurgical enterprise: concept, essence

November, 2016

Makkaeva R.S.A. Priorities the formation of reproductive structures of the Chechen Republic

January, 2017

Промышленные кластеры как эффективный элемент инновационной инфраструктуры и фактор успешного развития экономики России

May, 2017

Kuvaytsev A.V., Mukminov R.R. Factors of economic growth

May, 2017

Анализ развития человеческого потенциала России

November, 2019

Теоретические аспекты понятия человеческий потенциал

December, 2019

Влияние изменения ключевой ставки на экономические показатели в России

January, 2021

Цифровая валюта центрального банка. Преимущества и недостатки

March, 2021

Инвестиционная политика Казахстана. Новые тренды в развитии

May, 2021