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Профессиональное волонтерство как эффективное средство социализации студенчества

№ 1 January 2015 | Category: Philosophy

Социальное воспитание как ведущий фактор всестороннего развития личности детей и молодежи

№ 2 February 2015 | Category: Philosophy

Социализация студентов-медиков: этико-правовой аспект

№ 2 February 2017 | Category: Sociology

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Ageeva N.A. The teaching of dominant by A.A. Ukhtomsky in the context of humanization and humanitarianism of science and education

October, 2014

Ageeva N.A. Role of mirror neurons in the process of personality socialization and social consolidation

January, 2015

Ageeva N.A. Spiritual ties as an important factor of formation and developing of a civil society

April, 2015

Getmanova S.L. Doctor‘s moral imperative as a main guideline of humanization of a medical institution

April, 2015

Ageeva N.A. Higher education system modernization: transition from knowlegde-oriented to cognitive-developing paradigm

December, 2015

Ageeva N.A. Ethical mechanisms of formation and developing of a civil society

December, 2015

Ageeva N.A. Socio-cultural patterns as the important element of patriotic education structure in modern Russia

January, 2016

Kartashova E.A., Shapoval G.N. Role of cognitive-developing tourism in the process of medical students’ socialization

February, 2016

Ageeva N.A. Medical students’ socialization – on the way from code of ethics to mature legal awareness

February, 2016

Erokhin S.A. Bioethical problems – universal and philosophical aspects

February, 2016