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О некоторых формах брака

№ 9 September 2014 | Category: Law

Особенности межличностных отношений незарегистрированных супружеских пар

№ 4 April 2018 | Category: Psychology

Articles in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Ryabtseva A.S. Decision-making process of a woman while searching the candidate for marriage

March, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Loganina V.I., Uchaeva T.V., Bakhteeva A.A. The economic impact of the selection of suppliers during construction materials and products

February, 2014

Uchaeva T.V. Management of production on predpriyaityah building materials industry

September, 2014

Yakovlev V.A., Yelshansky S.P. Some personal characteristics of spouses in actual and officially registered marriages

February, 2015

Bragina V.D. Comparative discourse on challenges of young russians and americans today

September, 2015

Konoreva K.V. Modern understanding of the family and causes family conflicts

June, 2016

Eksakusto T.V., Amanova S.R., Schock I. Cognitive and value aspects of young people attitude to marriage: cross-cultural analysis

October, 2016

Zakrepin A.V., Kipriyanov F.A. Crankshaft quality assessment

March, 2017

Репрезентация концептов «семья» и «брак» в русской культуре на материале афоризмов

June, 2017

Особенности межличностного взаимодействия супругов с разной степенью удовлетворённости браком в условиях семейного конфликта

July, 2022

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Romanova E.S. Factors influencing marital satisfaction

June, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern Pedagogy»

Lodygina I.A., Bystrova E.V., Miticheva T.I. Features of formation of family values among today's youth

February, 2016

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Семья как сфера реализации гендерной роли женщины

September, 2016