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К вопросу о постановке системы бюджетирования

№ 11 November 2014 | Category: Economics

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Irzaev G.K., Muradov M.M. Automated system of monitoring and evaluation of the publication activity of the lecturer of the University

August, 2014

Artemenko O.V. Сomputer-aided system of appraisal efficiency of labour of the publication activity of the university faculty

January, 2015

Shekalin A.N., Gorbunov V.N., Evseev D.V. Features of the automated system of risk management in an integrated approach to risk-based investment project

January, 2015

Krevsky I.G., Glotova T.V. Evaluating the effectiveness of the functioning of the expanded information environment networking of universities and the real economy

December, 2015

Zabotina N.N. Automated system for environmental monitoring in the zone of influence of industrial enterprises Bratsk

February, 2017

Измерение радиального зазора подшипника качения в автоматическом режиме

May, 2017

Система автоматического построения орбиты вала в подшипнике скольжения

May, 2017

Разработка автоматизированной системы управления процессом ректификации

March, 2018

Автоматизация учета теплоснабжения

November, 2018

Совершенствование планирования на предприятии

July, 2019

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Усманов И.Т., Жилин С.А., Пелепец В.З. Разработка системы управления содержимым для высоконагруженных автоматизированных систем

December, 2012

Dehnich N.M., Nesbytnov A.E. Automated system of online order home delivery of Japanese food

May, 2014

Katkova A.L. Automating personnel records of educational institutions

November, 2014

Samodyanova A.S., Sankov S.G. Development of an automated system organization and control of educational process of secondary General educational institutions

April, 2015

Gabdulhakova N.K., Sankov S.G. Development of the automated system of carrying out creative and scientific competitions among pupils of educational institutions

May, 2015

Neretin A.V. Development of recommendations for the implementation of the control system of IT infrastructure System Center Configuration Manager

December, 2015

Использование CMS Drupal в разработке сайта

May, 2017