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Книга в жизни декабристов

№ 10 (14) October 2012 | Category: History

Становление правовых основ контроля за местами лишения свободы в Российской империи XIX в.

№ 4 (44) April 2015 | Category: Law

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Vitkauskas E.N. Book in life of the Decembrists

October, 2012

Gorbunova M.M. The formation of the legal basis of monitoring of places of detention in the Russian Empire of the XIX century

April, 2015

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Dementieva E.C., Kolotov E.V., Sulimov V.S. Link priests in the Tobolsk province after the riots of 1861 in Poland

August, 2014