Author: Майер Роберт Валерьевич

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Об оценке сложности элементов учебного материала школьного курса физики

№ 12 December 2015 | Category: Pedagogics

Articles of the author in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Mayer R.V. About study of the basis of computer simulation in pedagogical high school

January, 2013

Mayer R.V. Study of Computer Simulation in High School: Method of Large Particle

September, 2013

Mayer R.V. Various models of process of the learning, based on the numerical solution of the differential equations

October, 2013

Mayer R.V. The solution of complex problems on calculation of the electrostatic fields on lessons on computer modeling

December, 2013

Mayer R.V. Educational variants of computer models of a nuclear reactor

March, 2014

Mayer R.V. Assessment of didactic complexity of various textbooks of physics

May, 2014

Mayer R.V. Experimental studying of rotation Segner wheel by means of the computer

August, 2014

Mayer R.V. Digital frequency meter on the basis of the computer and experiments with it

October, 2014

Mayer R.V. Methods of carrying out laboratory work "Movement of the particle in the field of the central force" in EXCEL spreadsheets

December, 2014

Mayer R.V. The accounting of change of durability of knowledge when training: modeling in Excel spreadsheets

January, 2015

Mayer R.V. Technique of studying of an interference of wave packages and temporary coherence: Educational experiments and computer models

March, 2015

Mayer R.V. Dependence of understanding of a theme on arrival rate of educational information: Results of computer modeling

July, 2015

Mayer R.V. Research of the closed didactic system with use the method of computer modelling

September, 2015

Mayer R.V. Results of imitating modelling of training at 11-year school

November, 2015

Articles of the author in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Mayer R.V. Determination of level of abstractness, complexity and informational content of various themes of the school physics textbooks

February, 2013

Mayer R.V.

April, 2013

Mayer R.V.

May, 2013

Mayer R.V. Research of didactic systems with use of methods of computer modelling

July, 2014

Mayer R.V. Two-component model of studying of the course: results of imitating modelling

November, 2014

Mayer R.V. The computer programs which automate assessment of objects and content–analysis of the text

January, 2015

Mayer R.V. A computer model of teaching groups of pupils: multiagent approach

June, 2015

Mayer R.V. Search of optimum sequence of the solution of educational tasks taking into account their importance and links between them: modeling on computer

August, 2015

Mayer R.V. About mathematical and imitating modelling of didactic systems

October, 2015

Mayer R.V. Dependence of understanding on the speed of information transfer: imitating modeling

January, 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Mayer R.V. About computer modelling and numerical experiment when studying physics

August, 2014

Mayer R.V. Use of computer models when studying astronomies: calculation of the movement of Mars on the heavenly sphere

December, 2014

Mayer R.V. Carrying out technique content-analysis school textbooks of physics and its results

March, 2015

Mayer R.V. Formation of cognitive interest to informatics: the task about a turtle

April, 2016

Mayer R.V. Estimation of the didactic complexity of pictures, electric circuits and chemical formulas

July, 2016

Mayer R.V. The method of estimation the didactic complexity of the physical laws studied at school

February, 2017