Ahmetzyanova Karina Albertovna
Bashkir State University

In modern conditions, Multifunctional centers for rendering state and municipal services (MFCs) are intermediaries between authorities and the population, as well as legal entities of municipal entities. In this article, the author describes the interests of both the Multifunctional Centers and the authorities themselves in the framework of various spheres of interaction, including in the relations of renting municipal property. The notions "municipal property", "rent of municipal property", etc. are considered. The author reveals the essence of the system of interaction between the MFC and investors in the relations of renting municipal property.

Keywords: investment climate, lease of municipal property, management of municipal property, MFC, municipal property, state and municipal management, state and municipal services

Category: Law

Article reference:
MFC-investor interaction in relations rent of municipal property // Humanities scientific researches. 2017. № 4 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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