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Potaturov Vasiliy Alexandrovich
Moscow Witte University
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Worker of the Education Sector of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

In the work presented, the military reform is the object of research, which took place in Russia in the period of the 50-70s of the XIX century. It affected the most important institution of the Russian Empire - its armed forces. The relevance of such research is primarily due to the challenges that Russia faces, which in turn require a series of reforms in their systemic interaction. The importance of such a study on the eve of the 140th anniversary of the outbreak of the war in the Balkans is beyond doubt.
The main focus of the work is on the analysis of the relationship between the two most important aspects, which constitute the subject of historical research. First of all, the question is raised about the development of the combat component of the Russian army, which by virtue of the very nature of the social institution under investigation was to be at the center of reformers' attention. The study is not just about a meaningful analysis of the elements of the combat training of Russian troops. These aspects were more or less covered and reflected in the national historiography. In the work, special attention is paid to the analysis of the discrepancies that arose in the process of reform between the Minister of War DA Milutin and Field Marshal A.I. Baryatinsky.
These discrepancies, in our opinion, allow us to take a fresh look at the fundamentally different foundations that lie in the approach to reforming the Russian armed forces. These differences make it possible, from a new perspective, to examine all the elements of which the reform was composed, taking into account the approaches with which two major military figures of our country approached it.
 An important content of the research subject is the results of the military reform, shown through the prism of such an objective criterion of the effectiveness of these reforms, as the combat practice of Russian troops in the military campaign of 1877-1878. And its results.
 All of the above allows, apart from the author's predilections, to give an objective assessment of the military reform of 1874, as well as to the qualities of the army that was created during the reign of Emperor Alexander II.

Category: History

Article reference:
Battle component of military reform of 1874 and its verifying by results of Russian-Turkish War in 1877-1874 // Humanities scientific researches. 2017. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2017/03/23060

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