Gulyaeva Nataliya Alexandrovna
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Senior teacher in "Linguistics-3", "Power engineering" department

Article represents the review of some models used in modern systems of training, in particular, in foreign language training abroad. The general conceptual model of the training environment is described. Multidimensional submodels of training with the complete approach structured on several phases of a conceptual basis in the development of the educational model of distance foreign language learning and the internationalization of cultural values too, the introduction of a model into a virtual environment taking into account the corresponding difficult instruments of pedagogical approach are considered. The main innovations of the considered educational model are presented, their development and realization on the basis of Anderson and Kretuol taxonomy, clearly formulating various approaches to the knowledge of foreign languages, communications and organizational culture with the cultural, and cross-cultural directions. Besides, a certain network paradigm and tools will be used for the simplification of the training process in the online mode and services and a digital content availability. The challenges and probable ways of their decision are shown both from the point of view of foreign language training and from the point of view of teacher training taking into consideration that the teacher is the manager of the educational process nowadays and must actively participate when it is necessary in the educational process or just to accompany it. It is noted that technical support of the training environment should be carried out by the qualified personnel of a sufficient number.

Keywords: competence, concept, distance learning, electronic training, foreign language, Innovation

Category: Pedagogics

Article reference:
Conceptual modeling adaptive innovative system of foreign language training in not langual educational institutions abroad // Humanities scientific researches. 2017. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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