Bykova Natalia Nikolaevna
Togliatti State University
Senior Lecturer, Department of «Finance and credit»

In the process of formation of market infrastructure aspects of insurance business activities is of particular importance. Insurance affects the development and increase of investment opportunities, as well as to increase the well-being of the nation. Monetary Fund, created at the expense of persons ' contributions, supported the economic foundation of insurance.
Insurance companies also creates two types of insurance reserves: on property insurance and insurance against accidents; life insurance, pensions and health insurance, these reserves are created at the expense of their income. In this article we will discuss methods of calculation of absolute, relative and average property insurance.

Keywords: averages, insurance, insurance reserves, property insurance, ratios, the absolute numbers

Category: Economics

Article reference:
Calculation method of absolute, relative and average property insurance // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 12 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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