Gorelikov Sergey Yurjevich
Academy of Labor and Social Relations
postgraduate student of the Department of Labor Law

The author analyzes the current situation with the performance of existing legal standards in preschool education. As an example, the author notes the situation in one preschool educational institution, included as a structural subdivision of preschool education in the educational complex (school + kindergarten) of state budgetary educational institution in Moscow. In this article the author reviews the duties of educators and health standards of preschool educational institution functioning. This analysis reveals the norms of legal regulation of preschool work, the performance of which is impossible conditions in the observed preschool educational institution. Especially, in the current economic condition. The author provides some recommendations for improving the legislation in the field of education.

Keywords: educator, junior educator, preschool educational institution, senior educator, staffing

Category: Law

Article reference:
Legal acts that are not feasible in preschool educational institutes // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 10 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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