Eksakusto Tatiana Valentinovna1, Krupenya Irina Viktorovna2
1Southern Federal University, associate professor of the Psychology and Safety of Existence Department
2Southern Federal University, student of the Psychology and Safety of Existence Department

The article is aimed at proving that persons apt to envy have negative feelings and emotions to people whom they apt to envy and these emotions trigger the so called “protest” attitude to others. The persons apt to envy are not ready to relinquish their wants and needs for the sake of others. Although the indices of their integral self-conception are high enough, the persons apt to envy are underconfident and inconsistent in their actions and intentions.

Category: Psychology

Article reference:
Peculiarities of persons apt to envy self-conception // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 10 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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