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Keosidi I.I.1, Vlasova S.E.2, Zakharova O.I.3
1Kuban State University, 2nd year student, Faculty of Economics, "The world economy"
2Kuban State University, 3rd year student, Faculty of Economics, "System analysis"
3Kuban State University, 2nd year student, Faculty of Economics, "Economic Security"

The article discusses the labor migration in the modern conditions. Nowadays information can be passed through all the planet within seconds, so that people is made live in the same pace. Migration is integral part of the modern international economic relations, because of the fact that it is often easier to find a job abroad rather than in your own country, and this job would be more highly-paid. The attention to surveying problems interfering migration is paid. The methods of solving these problems are suggested, and their need is proved. The conclusion about further labor migration developing is drawn.

Category: Economics

Article reference:
Overcoming labor migration in the context of globalization problems // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 4 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2016/04/14846

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