Kondrashina Irina Aleksandrovna1, Minnegalimova Aigul Zakariyevna2
1Naberezhnye Chelny institute (branch) of the Kazan Federal University, associate professor of criminal law, criminal trial and criminalistics, candidate yuriidcheskikh of sciences
2Naberezhnye Chelny institute (branch) of the Kazan Federal University

This article is devoted to the phenomenon, unusual, not widespread for our country, - to interrogation under hypnosis. This method of obtaining information, undoubtedly, has the pluses and minuses. Today, when the crime develops quickly enough together with scientific technical and other revolutions, the methods used during the investigation too shouldn't remain former. Interrogation by means of hypnosis within criminal trial of Russia, even at the not fixing bears fruits among investigators who risk to apply it. Abroad this method already proved the harmlessness, and it is possible to tell one about experts who speak about infringement of the rights of people by this method – if to fix and humanely to settle this process in the Criminal Procedure Code no human rights violation should take place.

Keywords: expert, hypnosis, interrogation, method, proof, right, victim, witness

Category: Law

Article reference:
Interrogation under hypnosis // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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