UDC 130.2


Kuchkovsky Pavel Valerеvich
Omsk state pedagogical university
postgraduate student department of philosophy

In this study we want to determine the status of the Sophists in the history of philosophy. We are also interested in the specification of the role that they played in ancient culture. We are seen as important in the article underscores the fact that the sophists were just teachers of wisdom. We are studying all the possible details of particular sophistic education. Basically we denote the sophists of the class of intellectuals and their specific defining trait. Also, a comparison of their teaching to modern. An interesting way considering three new positions in the interpretation of the phenomenon of sophistry. In addition, we show that the sophists were the first anthropologists and made a decisive turn towards the philosophy of human studies. There salute their courage in the fact that they were real paradoksologists and greatly influenced the traditional notions of the society in which they lived. And compare the variation of the ancient philosopher and sophist opposition.

Keywords: ancient culture, anthropologists, education, enlightenment, humanism, paradoksologists, paradoxes, relativism, sophists, truth

Category: Philosophy

Article reference:
The sophists — the ancient humanists and relativists or anthropologists and paradoksologists // Humanities scientific researches. 2016. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2016/02/14270

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