Shvedov Vladislav Vitalevich1, Yakimov Alexander Alexandrovich2
1Ural State University of Economics, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of state and municipal administration
2Ural State University of Economics, master's student of the correspondence form of training

Abstract: Landscaping within the boundaries of settlements related to the local issues of the urban settlement. In the far North activities in this area due to climatic and spatial factors. Optimization of budgets in the framework of reform entails a reduction of maintenance costs of the city authorities. The released funds can be used to finance the improvement of the city.

Keywords: climatic conditions, issues of local importance, optimization of budget expenditures, regulating and controlling function of the city administration, the accomplishment and gardening of territory of municipal formation, the regions of the far North

Category: Economics

Article reference:
The landscaping of the municipality in the far North // Humanities scientific researches. 2015. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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