Sahnyuk Sergey Vladimirovich1, Zaporozhchenko Natalya Viktorovna2, Lisieckay Elena Yakovlevna3, Lisieckiy Michail Alekdandrovich4, Efremova Natalya Gennadievna5, Tushinskay Natalya Vladimirovna6
1Development of evolution and Integration of Neurotechnologes, school psychologist
2Donetsk State Medical University named after M. Gorkij of the MPH of Ukraine, doctor of Science - patolmorfology doctor
3Mariupol State University of the MPH of Ukraine, school psychologist
4Institute for Development of evolution and Integration of Neurotechnologes, school psychologist
5Institute for Development of evolution and Integration of Neurotechnologes, school psychologist
6Institute for Development of evolution and Integration of Neurotechnologes., school psychologist

The emotional state of the mother in pregnancy and childbirth, form the emotional background of the child, which is mandatory and is needed for the birth of viable organism. Emotional background provides the emotional features of perception of emotional signals and differentiation personality of the subject. Every emotion and emotional signal has its own meaning and function. Emotions and their signals provide specific informational load, which defines social interaction. At the expense the strong of emotional ties and personal background, each individual has a predictable strategy for responding to external emotional signals. Understanding the value of emotional meaning and functional load of emotional signals, it allows an objective to interpret the information. It helps a person to adapt to the most productive interaction with itself and society.

Keywords: background, emotions, emotions function, life strategy, my mother's emotions, prenatal emotions

Category: Psychology

Article reference:
The emotional background, and perceptions of emotional signals // Humanities scientific researches. 2015. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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