Chupina Valentina Aleksandrovna1, Pleshakova Anastasia Urevna2
1Ural State University of Economics, doctor of pedagogical science, professor of the State and Municipal Administration Chamber
2Ural State University of Economics, associate professor of the State and Municipal Administration Chamber

The author associates the concept of internationalization of education in connection with the processes of globalization and regionalization. Considering internationalization as the process of introducing international educational standards in the activities of universities on the basis of the activity approach (the use of active and interactive technologies in order to improve the quality of teaching and research), competence-based approach (the result of higher professional education, presents a set of competencies) ethical approach (implementation of intercultural communications on the basis of traditions and innovation, the creation of adaptation conditions that reduce the risks of internationalization), strategic approach (development of internationalization in the field of management and education management, introduction of international standards of measurement quality).
Also discusses the Bologna process and the results of its implementation in Russian vocational education (international educational standards (bachelor, master, PhD), requirements to the level of the student and instructor (academic mobility), specific methods and forms of learning (interactivity, modern beltehnologiya), forms of control (system of loans and credits), the specificity of intercultural communication (ethno-religious, mental differences, specifics of the educational environment), resources (socio-economic conditions). Difficulties, manifested in the development of mobility in the transition to a two-level training, matching educational programs with the help of the credit system, in the measurement of education quality and its control, the comparability of degrees and recognition of diplomas. It is concluded that special attention should be paid to the socio-cultural component of the process that defines relaxed, tolerant environment for all its participants.

Category: Pedagogics

Article reference:
Internationalization of high education process: problems and ways of development // Humanities scientific researches. 2015. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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