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Filippov Leonid Ivanovich
Kislovodsk special (correctional) comprehensive school-internat№18 3 and 4 types

In teaching matured a lot of problems that are poorly resolved old, "Michurinsky" methods. New approaches, paradigms. We propose to consider the problems of pedagogy in terms of synergy. Within the framework of synergy, in our case, the emphasis is on social, biological (physiological) and information systems - this is the novelty of the approach. We are deeply convinced that the basis of (!), A foundation approach to solving educational problems of our time should be based on social, biological and informational approaches and their coordination. On the basis of the proposed arguments are prompted to enter a list of the major categories of pedagogy concept of "information". Proposed three stages of sensitivity (sensitivity) social development of the individual. Put forward two key problems of didactics. On this basis the proposed management strategy training.
In the second part of the article offers a solution for one of the many problems of pedagogy.
The success in the implementation of your project, we see the possibility of producing a new kind of pens! There does not seem to set the guests, so can legally required to solve technical problems. Only then gradually introduced new styles of writing technique ...

Keywords: development, dominant Ukhtomskii principles Zankova, game stage, information, information processing, main problems of didactics, new styles of writing, social stage of development of the individual, synergy

Category: Pedagogics

Article reference:
Management strategy training in pedagogy // Humanities scientific researches. 2014. № 12. P. 1 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2014/12/8765

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