Gutsulyak Oleg Borysovych
PreCarpathian National University Vasyl Stefanyk (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Sociology

This article is devoted to the analysis ethnogenealogical plots of historical legends and myth-epic nucleus. On the basis of similarities and common kinship ethnogenetic proposed to consider some subjects historical narratives such as “On the Origin of the People" as reflecting the doublet interethnic contacts at the level of "Own – Alien" where "Own" – always a representative of a positive attitude towards life, implementer "correct" way of ritual, performer "true" covenant before or faith, etc., and "Alien" – always a representative of the "incorrect", "damaged" or even "inhuman" force.

Keywords: ethnicity, ethnogenesis, Goths, ritual, Sacred Spring, the Caucasus, the Hutsuls, the Narts, the Scythians

Category: Ethnology

Article reference:
Ethnogenetical rite "Sacred Spring": Scythians, Sarmatians, Goths, Narts, Hutsuls (mytho-epic parallels) // Humanities scientific researches. 2014. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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