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Smoleva Elena Olegovna
Institution of Russian Academy of Science Institute of Socio- Economic Development of Territories of RAS
research associate

This paper investigates the structure of the level of subjective control of juvenile offenders. Empirically identified four factors: «external locus control in problem situations», «internal locus of control in the field of Achievements», «person responsible for the invariant behavior in situations of life changes , overcoming setbacks» and «external locus of control in the field of existential assessment». In this case the factor of «external locus of control in the field of existential evaluation" can be interpreted as ideological.

Keywords: delinquents, level of subjective control (locus of control)

Category: Psychology

Article reference:
Multifactor level of subjective control juvenile offenders // Humanities scientific researches. 2014. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2014/03/6010

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