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Lopatkin German Vasilevich
Mari El State University
Researcher of the Department of Philosophy and Political Science

The publication contains a study of the peculiarities of economic culture of the ancient West. Pointing to the written records of the Greco-Roman world, the author draws attention to the unity of their foundation - material production, whose specificity and led to the emergence of Western-type society. Additional grounds for the author's position gives the correlation of the results with the work of scientists XX-XXI centuries. This allows the author to achieve the objectives of the work - to show the traits that separated the West from the East. Attention is paid to the role of navigation, economic background of slavery and the reasons for the genesis of the credit and financial sphere, many centuries later, became one of the most important instruments of expansion of the Western world.

Keywords: antique production, antiquity, culture, economic culture, economic history, economics, philosophy, sociology, the Roman economy, the slave system and the ancient Greek economy

Category: Sociology

Article reference:
Economic culture of the West: ancient // Humanities scientific researches. 2013. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2013/08/3702

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