Vinogradova Marina Valerievna1, Vikulova Larisa Georgievna2
1Institute of Foreign Languages ​​SEI HPE Moscow City Pedagogical University, Student
2Institute of Foreign Languages ​​SEI HPE Moscow City Pedagogical University, Scientific adviser, doctor of philological Sciences, professor of chair of Romance philology

This article is devoted to the significant sociocultural phenomena of the Middle Ages – knights. The social category of knights have passed a way from a simple horse rider to a respected and status warrior. The knights` formation was reflected in ancient French literature. The present study permits to trace the changes of sociocultural status of knights by the example of belles-lettres (XI-XIII century).

Keywords: knights, male status in France of Middle Ages, the Middle Ages

Category: Linguistics, Philology

Article reference:
The status of knights of medieval France: sociolinguistic aspect // Humanities scientific researches. 2013. № 7 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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