Lipov Anatoliy Nikolaevich
Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences
the sector aesthetics, researcher K. Philosophy. n., Author of more than 40 major publications (more than 1 AL) on the psychology of art, poetics, design, aesthetics Russian avant-garde of the early twentieth century., Biological bases of beauty, psychoacoustic and fractal themes in art. Author of several encyclopedia articles.

In 1910-1913, the city, the twentieth century, when the avant-garde art movements in art were just forming, fundamentally important for them was to distance himself from the contemporary art and environment of their lives. One of the fundamental theoretical work in substantiating the oc-currence of this trend at the time made work of German philosopher and art critic W. Worringer «Abstraction and empathy. The experience of studying psychology styles» to support the claim that the purpose and intent of painting is not only an exact copy of the nature and aims to establish the value that becomes the trend of abstract art in world history.

Keywords: abstraction, empathy, psychology art styles, V. Worringer, world history of art

Category: Philosophy

Article reference:
«Ein Beitrag zur Stillpsychologie». W.Worringer of abstraction and em-pathy in art // Humanities scientific researches. 2013. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://human.snauka.ru/en/2013/06/3331

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